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Handling, Packing and Storage

S. Anstey, M. Myers and I. M. Godfrey


The aim of storage, whether in a large museum or in a private home is to ensure that objects are protected against the agents of decay - inappropriate temperature and relative humidity conditions, exposure to strong light levels, pests, dust, pollutants and poor handling. Application of many of the practices and principles outlined in other chapters should ensure that environments are appropriate for different materials in storage areas.

Objects are effectively in a state of storage whatever their location. They may be on display, a visually accessible form of storage, in boxes in a storage room or even grouped together in a time capsule. In the latter case great care must be taken with packing and control of the internal environment if deterioration processes are to be minimised (see the chapter Case Studies: Time Capsules).

Different materials have specific requirements for safe storage. Those requirements are described in specific chapters of this book. This chapter deals with more generic issues associated with the handling, packing and storage of three dimensional objects made of diverse materials and of differing sizes.