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  • Inspect textiles for mould or insect attack and treat before adding them to a collection.
  • Identify the materials from which textiles are manufactured.
  • Maintain temperature and relative humidity at 15 – 25 °C and 45 – 55 % respectively with maximum variations of 4 °C and 5 % respectively in any 24 hour period.
  • Keep light and UV levels to 50 lux and 1500 µW/m2 (30 µwatts/lumen) respectively.
  • Wear cotton or vinyl gloves when handling textiles. Remove jewellery.
  • Support textiles when moving them.
  • Where possible, store textiles flat, within boxes with acid-free tissue supporting any folds.
  • Support 3D objects with crushed acid free tissue or custom made cushions.
  • Include sufficient padding to distribute the weight in hanging storage and use dust covers.
  • Do not wash or starch as a routine procedure. Consult a conservator before carrying out any treatments.