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  • Maintain high cleaning and hygiene standards.
  • Store and display paper in appropriate environmental conditions.
  • Maintain relative humidity and temperature ranges of 45 – 55 % and 15 – 25 °C respectively with maximum variations of 5 % and 4 °C within any 24 hour period.
  • Keep light levels to maximum values of 50 lux with no or very low UV content (30 to a maximum of 75 µwatts/lumen).
  • Do not use adhesive tapes, metal paper clips, pins or fasteners.
  • Use only archival quality materials for storage and display.
  • Handle objects carefully using cotton or rubber gloves.
  • Never hold documents by their corners or pull books by their spines. Always fully support the object.
  • Do not lift framed works by their hanging cord or the frame itself – always place hands underneath and on the side of the frame.
  • Discuss treatments with a conservator prior to commencing treatment of a paper-based object.
  • Always use a reputable conservation framer for mounting works on paper and ask for information about framing methods.