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  • Document all aspects of a painting, including details of the artist, title of the work, photographs, sketches and condition report.
  • Maintain temperatures and relative humidity levels in the ranges 15 -25 °C and 45 - 55 % respectively with maximum fluctuations of 4 °C and 5 % in any 24 hour period.
  • Restrict light levels to 50 lux and UV levels of 30 µW/lumen (1500 µW/m2) for watercolours and paintings based on dyes and lakes. Maintain light levels at 200 lux and UV levels at 75 µW/lumen (15,000 µW/m2) for oil, tempera and acrylic paintings.
  • Do not touch front or back surfaces with bare hands.
  • Be extremely careful when handling paintings, use appropriate systems for hanging them and obtain conservation framing advice for large and heavy works.