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  • Ivory is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and relative humidity. Maintain environmental conditions in the ranges 15 – 25°C and 45 – 55 % with no more than a 4 °C and/or a 5 % swing in temperature and relative humidity within a 24-hour period.
  • Never immerse ivory in water or wet the surface.
  • Always wear cotton gloves when handling ivory.
  • Keep light levels low and even. Recommended light and UV levels are 50 lux and 1500 µwatts/m2 respectively for dyed ivory and 200 lux and 15,000 µwatts/m2 for undyed ivory.
  • Acclimatise ivory slowly whenever it is moved from one climatic zone to another (tropical to temperate and vice versa). This is essential to minimise cracking and warping.
  • Display ivory objects in a case to help buffer against rapid changes in relative humidity or store wrapped in acid-free tissue in an acid-free box.
  • Obtain advice from a conservator before attempting cleaning or other treatments.