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  • Know the material types and the agents of decay that are most likely to cause damage in a collection so that appropriate steps can be taken to minimise deterioration and damage.
  • Exclude direct sunlight from storage and display areas.
  • Maintain light, temperature and relative humidity levels in storage and display areas that are best suited to minimise the deterioration of the most sensitive objects in those areas.
  • Use archival quality materials to store and display artefacts.
  • Where possible apply passive, low technology techniques to buffer changes in relative humidity and temperature rather than rely on expensive mechanical systems.
  • Isolate artefacts that are prone to deterioration from more stable artefacts.
  • Focus on improving storage and display conditions than applying treatments to deteriorated or damaged artefacts.
  • Ensure that house-keeping standards are high and that buildings are well maintained so that the effects of biological pests are reduced and internal environmental conditions are as good as they can be.
  • Regularly monitor the condition of stored artefacts.