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The Western Australian Museum seeks to inspire people to explore and share their identity, culture and sense of place, while contributing to the diversity and creativity of our world. Throughout the State exists small museums, historical societies and private collectors whose collections explore this, producing resources integral to the public.

This website has been created by the Museum to help these organisations and collectors maintain their collections.


With the support of federal funding, 12 instructional videos were created to provide detailed information to address common queries regarding collection maintenance.

Each video is accompanied with a complete transcript that can be easily downloaded and printed for offline convenience.

The videos were created in collaboration with the Western Australian production company Siamese.


Conservation and Care of Collections: A Practical Guide to the Conservation and Care of Collections was published by the Western Australian Museum in 1998. Edited by David Gilroy and Ian Godfrey, the user-friendly text gained popularity through its holistic approach to the management of collections.

With the creation of this new online resource, Ian Godfrey has produced an updated version of Conservation and Care of Collections, which has been digitised and made available through this website. The book is available for download.

The original text was developed for small museums, historical societies, and private collectors and was not intended to be the definitive conservation manual. Continuing this, the updated publication does not attempt to comment on or categorise heritage sites or buildings.