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Canadian Conservation Institute, CCI Notes, Ottawa, Canada.

  • N9/1 Recognizing Active Corrosion (2007)
  • N9/2 Storage of Metals (2007)
  • N9/3 The Cleaning, Polishing and Protective Waxing of Brass and Copper (2007)
  • N9/4 Basic Care of Coins, Medals and Medallic Art (2007)
  • N9/5 Tannic Acid Coating for Rusted Iron Artifacts, formerly published under the title Tannic Acid Treatment (2013)
  • N9/6 Care and Cleaning of Iron (2007) N9/7 Silver - Care and Tarnish Removal (2007)
  • N9/8 Mechanical Removal of Rust from Machined Ferrous Surfaces (2007)
  • N9/9 Care of Objects Made of Zinc (2007) N9/10 How to Determine Metal Density (2016)
  • N9/11 How to Make and Use a Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Silver Polish (2016)

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